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Litigation is often won or lost long before the case reaches the settlement table or courtroom. Bryan W. Smith has been representing clients in Topeka, Junction City and Manhattan KS and throughout Kansas and Missouri for nearly two decades. As a personal injury lawyer, Bryan W. Smith draws on his extensive legal experience to develop and implement creative strategies and effective solutions to even the most complex legal challenges.

Topeka personal injury attorney Bryan W. Smith has represented injured individuals, physicians, attorneys, small business owners and national corporations. In addition to representing clients as an automobile accident attorney, Bryan W. Smith offers aggressive representation in several areas of practice, including commercial litigation, business and corporate disputes, surety litigation, contracts, medical malpractice and real estate transactions.  

Cases involving personal injury and medical malpractice require experienced and aggressive legal representation. Personal injury and automobile accident lawyer Bryan W. Smith uses his broad knowledge of the law and legal experience to achieve the best result for your claim. Contactors, corporations and small businesses in Topeka, Junction City and Manhattan KS and throughout Kansas and Missouri have also utilized Bryan's extensive experience in cases involving construction disputes, breech of contract claims, surety claims and business transactions.

Bryan's philosophy of providing the aggressive representation he would expect from a car accident attorney has resulted in strong and lasting relationships with clients, many of whom he has represented for years. Please browse our website to learn more about Bryan W. Smith and his areas of practice. If you are interested in discussing your legal needs with Bryan, please call  785-235-2453.





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