Tips on Healthy Traveling For Families

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So we should talk about how to stay in balance while traveling, relaxing, and having a great time with your family.

Everything starts with Travel Day…

1. Smoothies for everybody!!! Notwithstanding when you are ready to get going to get an early start (like at 4 AM to catch an early flight!!!), having your smoothie to start your day of travel will make a major contrast by the way you and your children will feel all day.

2. Hydrate!!! Have water with you and hydrate. Especially avoid sugary drinks – they can have at least 16 teaspoons of sugar in one container. They don’t extinguish your thirst and your children needn’t bother with the sugar surge.

3. Bring snacks and your lunch… stripped orange or nectarine, apples, dried natural product, dark chocolate, nuts, homemade trail blend and wraps, and so forth. By having ready snacks and healthy nourishment on hand at all occasions, you will shield yourself from arriving at your destination feeling starved. Along these lines, instead of being Starvin’ Marvins ready to wolf down large volumes of whatever when you finally arrive (or, more terrible yet on the road), you are feeling good and ready to make the most of your good occasions.

Here are how to stay in balance with the goal that you get the most pleasure out of your vacation indulgences:

1. A natural product heavy breakfast. Maybe not a smoothie but rather always attempt to include a large natural product salad and squeeze in your morning menu. It will keep you feeling light and vivacious all morning long.

2. Stay Green. While indulging in some non-green treats, make sure that there is still a lot of green in your meals. Salads, soups, especially vegetable-based soups, barbecued or steamed vegetables, and other good side dishes are a brilliant supplement to whatever treats you appreciate.

3. Hydrate!!! I sound extremely repetitive; be that as it may, the numerous advantages of hydration (especially if you are spending a ton of time outside) are similarly as important on vacation.

I help my customers get more fit, bring down their cholesterol, and overcome their sugar and nourishment addictions… all issues I had to beat myself. I do this by showing my customers how to purchase, cook and eat nutritious, tasty and fun nourishment that makes them healthier, look great and feel fabulous.

In my practice, I work with individuals and families and offer seminars and gathering programs. I have appeared on “New York Nightly News with Chuck Scarborough” on NBC and “The Ladies Room”, a local LI program.

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